Had a fun time working on this project for the New York Post. I secured the yacht through a client and we shot the interior/exterior and flew an aerial drone for 360 degree views against the backdrop of Miami.

Big thanks to my team! More behind the scenes footage from this project coming soon…



Producer: Heather Hausworth
Director of Photography: Ryan Hattaway
Videography: Jamie Trusheim

Drone: Jason Spiewack
Special Thanks: Nina Agdal, Skylar Hausworth

The Usher motoryacht is seen in the new “Entourage” movie featuring Nina Agdal, who sits down for a talk with the New York Post onboard the $200,000 per week yacht.

“Looking for an outrageously luxurious yacht to rent this summer? You can’t go wrong with “Usher,” a 154-foot yacht that regularly hosts celebrities, supermodels and moguls and makes an appearance in the new “Entourage” movie. We recently jumped aboard to see what you get for $200,000 a week.”

Click here to view the full story on the New York Post

If you are interested in chartering the yacht please Contact Ryan